NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Political Science


NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Political ScienceIn this article, we have given details about NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Political Science. All the question of Class 12 CBSE and NCERT Political Science textbook was as per the as per Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation marking scheme pattern. This Political Science subject is divided into two parts i.e. Part A and Part B, both consists of 9 chapters each. Class 12th NCERT Solutions for Political Science consists of 18 chapters like The Cold War Era, The End of, Bipolarity, US Hegemony in World Politics, Alternative Centres of Power, Contemporary South Asia, and rest are given below. Following we have given complete and latest NCERT Solutions for Class 12th Political Science subject.

NCERT Class 12 Political Science Overview

Book National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
Class NCERT Solution for Class 12 Political Science
Subject Political Science
No. of Chapters 18

List of Chapters NCERT for Class 12 Political Science

Part A

Chapter 1 – The Cold War Era
Chapter 2 – The End of Bipolarity
Chapter 3 – US Hegemony in World Politics
Chapter 4 – Alternative Centres of Power
Chapter 5 – Contemporary South Asia
Chapter 6 – International Organisations
Chapter 7 – Security in the Contemporary World
Chapter 8 – Environment and Natural Resources
Chapter 9 – Globalisation

Part B

Chapter 1 – Challenges of Nation Building
Chapter 2 – Era of One-Party Dominance
Chapter 3 – Politics of Planned Development
Chapter 4 – India’s External Relations
Chapter 5 – Challenges to and Restoration of Congress System
Chapter 6 – The Crisis of Democratic Order
Chapter 7 – Rise of Popular Movements
Chapter 8 – Regional Aspirations
Chapter 9 – Recent Developments in Indian Politics

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